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Services provided to athletes, coaches and agents

CTYA LAW&SPORTS ecommends that both athletes and sports entities apply legal precaution. The best solution to a dispute is to anticipate its occurrence and define its solution in advance.

The specialised intervention in the study and the drafting of a professional athlete contract mean that risks and problems can be avoided in the future. An important part of the preventive work offered by our Law Firm therefore focuses on the negotiations prior to signing a contract.

In a constantly evolving world, we also advise our clients to invest in R&D. Therefore, at our Law Firm we recommend companies in the sector to attend the audit of contracts, in order to develop the habit of updating content and anticipating new situations.

And in the event of a dispute arising, our work focuses on defining the diagnosis, developing a defence/attack strategy and implementing measures in order to obtain a favourable solution, by applying the legal techniques that are needed to do so; all this within the framework of the most absolute discretion and exclusivity. Our dealings are personal and direct… Practice makes perfect!

Services provided to sports entities


Services provided to athletes, coaches and agents




The most important moment for the athlete is the signing of his or her professional contract. Prevention is a key factor in being able to work without added pressures.

We analyse interests, define goals and accompany you right up to the moment of signing.

In the event of a dispute situation, we provide the maximum dedication and specialisation in order to obtain the best result.

If you’re thinking of leaving to work abroad, don’t forget that in the event of a dispute you need to expressly anticipate having to submit your professional relationship to international arbitration bodies. We accompany in drafting and signing a contract. And in the event of a dispute, we take the actions required to defend your interests.

Don’t forget that the end of your contract as an athlete goes hand in hand with compensation, even if this is not included in the contract!

Further services

  • Defence in disciplinary proceedings and penalising proceedings
  • Intervention in judicial and arbitral proceedings (Arbitral Sports Court (TAS/CAS), sports federations,
  • Basketball Arbitration Court (Tribunal Arbitral del Baloncesto BAT), etc.
  • Refresher seminars for Agents of professional athletes.
  • Disciplinary proceedings due to doping
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts for sponsoring, merchandising, contracts with agents and intermediaries, transfer contracts, transfer of image rights, etc.
  • Advice for athletes in matters of private law, regarding the prevention of problems arising from marriages, inheritance, donations, etc.
  • Providing advice and processing employment disability procedures

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