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CTYA LAW&SPORTS recommends that both athletes and sports entities apply legal precaution. The best solution to a dispute is to anticipate its occurrence and define its solution in advance.

The specialised intervention in the study and the drafting of a professional athlete contract mean that risks and problems can be avoided in the future. An important part of the preventive work offered by our Law Firm therefore focuses on the negotiations prior to signing a contract.

In a constantly evolving world, we also advise our clients to invest in R&D. Therefore, at our Law Firm we recommend companies in the sector to attend the audit of contracts, in order to develop the habit of updating content and anticipating new situations.

And in the event of a dispute arising, our work focuses on defining the diagnosis, developing a defence/attack strategy and implementing measures in order to obtain a favourable solution, by applying the legal techniques that are needed to do so; all this within the framework of the most absolute discretion and exclusivity. Our dealings are personal and direct… Practice makes perfect!

Services provided to sports entities


Services provided to athletes, coaches and agents




CTYA LAW&SPORTS also offers its professional experience to accompany clients in negotiations with the Professional Leagues, clubs or public limited sports companies, in order to obtain licensing for products or develop joint projects, both nationally and internationally.

La Liga, ACB, Federations and Clubs or public limited sports companies are entities that, given that they are constantly evolving in the world of sport, sign agreements and contracts with other firms in order to manage and monetise common interests.

We accompany you in defining and presenting your project, assessing your strengths and designing an itinerary to obtain the best result.

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